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Your boy is finally back!

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

It feels like it just happened, but it's been about a year or so since my hosting account was hacked massively, and I lost several websites I had been working on for a long time. Rebuilding MarcusACylar.com very much represents the rebuild I've been embarking upon in my own life over the past several years. I'm just thankful to be where I am at this very moment.

Photo by Ashutosh Dave on Unsplash

I'm back online, and I'm back blogging. I blogged at least once a week during my five years of pastoral ministry and then for a year or so thereafter.

But most of that content, like so many aspects of a life I once had, is completely gone now.

I've been at the very top, and I've been at the very bottom. As I say in my podcast intro, I've had it all, and I've lost it all. And it's been the fight of my life trying to recover any of it back.

2021 marks year 20 in ministry, and I can write from a wealth of knowledge and experience about so many facets of ministry, especially digital ministry, which is my specialty and passion.

But there's an undercurrent of content I want to open up about as well: the journey of overcoming and becoming.

Overcoming the loss of my ministry, the loss of my marriage, the loss of many of my dreams, the loss of my (physical and mental) health and finally becoming who God has truly called me to be, despite all the roadblocks in my way.

It's in this overcoming and becoming that I believe I can bring the most value.

You see, we all see the content of the people killing it on social media, and we want that for ourselves, whether or not we know for certain that they're killing it in real life. Almost nobody posts about their struggles, and they certainly don't do so in a redemptive way that any of us are interested in reading.

I believe I can change that.

God has given me a different perspective. I've been through a lot, and I'm not afraid to talk about it. I have no problem leaning into vulnerability because I want to give you what I wish I saw more of myself. I wish I could read more about people struggling but persevering so I could find myself in their struggle and be encouraged on my own journey.

So, as I bring you insights on ministry, leadership, church communications, and what the future holds for each of those, I will also share about how I'm stumbling but growing as a father, a business owner, and an overall person. I believe it is in these man-behind-the-ministry subjects that I can offer the most encouragement in this season.

So strap up, buckle up, and let's go! I promise I'm going somewhere, and I want to take you along with me.

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